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The National Trust for Jersey currently safeguards a variety of historic buildings including cottages, farms, water mills and military buildings – currently it manages more than 170 natural and historical sites, approximately 2% of Jersey’s land. The Trust is also regularly involved in contributing to important debates over the future of Jersey’s environment, and campaigns where necessary.

In addition, it plays a leading role in educating the local community on the importance of preserving our natural and built heritage by encouraging people to visit and enjoy sites of natural and historical significance. It organises numerous events and educational activities throughout the year, including open days and guided walks, and also runs a series of events aimed at children in school holidays.

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Jersey has a wealth of organisations, clubs and societies involved in the arts and heritage.

Whether you want to volunteer, pursue an existing interest or take up a new challenge, there is sure to be something of interest. Click here for a list of contacts.

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