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Jersey Lilies women's Morris side started life in 1978 when a group of intrepid folk dancers decided to branch out from the Rapper team they were, and blossom into something new and beautiful. Drawing on influences from all over the UK (Morris dancing has many different regional styles and reasons for evolving) and now even as far afield as New Zealand, the aim is to have fun with all the many possibilities that are available within this traditional dance form. 

We practice throughout the winter season on Wednesday evenings at Samares School 8pm until 9.30 ish. 

The start to the summer season is on May 1st where we begin at 6.00am, with the sun, in the most easterly parish, we then spend the day dancing in every single one of the 12 parishes of Jersey.

During the summer we dance on Wednesday evenings around the island, and also at a multitude of events. Last year this included Guernsey's Liberation Day celebrations and Sark Folk Festival. Going off island and interacting with other Morris Teams gives us a chance to do what we do best- develop and explore new dances and areas within this multifaceted tradition.

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