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Cheers! Drinks and Drinking in Jersey Through the Ages: Talk by Alasdair Crosby

Jersey Library

Event Overview

CHEERS! - this is the title of the recently published book by local writer Alasdair Crosby, which is a social history of the production and consumption of alcohol in Jersey from prehistoric to modern times. He will be highlighting some of the quirky facts from this long history. At its best, the enjoyment of moderate drinking is a welcome temporary remission from the cares and stresses of daily life. From the mead enjoyed by the early inhabitants of the Island, to the cider of later years and the beer, wine and spirits of modern times, alcohol has always been part of Jersey people’s daily life. The history of its production and consumption is an integral part of the history of the Island.

Event Details

19 Jan 2018
1:10pm - 1:50pm

Jersey Library

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