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Jersey 100 Years Ago, the calm and the storm: Talk by Ian Ronayne

Jersey Library

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In January 1918, the First World War’s outcome hung in the balance. In the west, the exhausted Allies anxiously awaited the promised arrival of American troops to restore their fortunes. In the east, the victorious Germans were withdrawing forces whose deployment elsewhere could prove a war-winning difference. In Jersey, islanders faced increasing shortages and rising prices, along with continued tragic losses in the fighting. No one could say with any certainty what the outcome of 1918 would be: victory, defeat or deprivation.

In this talk, author and historian Ian Ronayne will explain the precarious situation faced by the Allies, Germans and people of Jersey at the start of 1918. He will also follow the explosive course of history as it unfolds that year – both at the front and at home.

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20 Jan 2018
10:30am - 11:30am

Jersey Library

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