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Embark on a virtual journey of discovery through Western Europe's best-preserved collection of German Second World War bunkers and defences in Jersey. During The Occupation, the occupying forces fortified Jersey and the other Channel Islands out of all proportion to their strategic value. This was to fulfil Hitler's personal instruction that they be turned into "impregnable forces". Hitler's 'Construction Orders' resulted in over 20% of the material that went into the 'Atlantic Wall' - a line of massive defence works which stretched from the Baltic to the Spanish frontier - being sent to the Channel Islands.

How to watch

Only open to the public during a few days of the year, this is an exciting opportunity to see history preserved in time. Simply find the 5-10 minute tours on the official Liberation 75 Jersey Facebook and YouTube pages at 10.30am every day from 4 to 8 May 2020. The virtual tours are guided by Marc Yates, who is a tour guide for Jersey Military Tours.

Monday 4 May, 10.30am - Battery Moltke

Tuesday 5 May, 10.30am - Battery Lothringen, Underground Command Bunker, and Direction and Range-finding Tower

Wednesday 6 May, 10.30am - Naval Artillery Direction and Range-Finding Tower

Thursday 7 May, 10.30am - Resistance Nest Millbrook

Friday 8 May, 10.30am - Strongpoint Corbiere

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