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French Mix By Dj Stefunk

Charing Cross

Event Overview

Dj Stefunk (aka Stefan Rousseau) is originally from Avignon and started his Dj career there. He moved to Jersey in 2005 and has been a professional Dj since 2013.

For this special session, he will go back to his roots and play 5hrs of French music. He will give his own version of his musical French culture. From the 1960's to today, from great classic songs to lesser known French 60's Pop by way of French Funk, Reggae, Soul and electro.

The idea is to give a subjective panorama of the grooviest side of the French musical productions, alternating between classics and obscure, avoiding the charts and concentrating on musical excellence and originality while still being accessible to all publics. We hope that you will join us to enjoy this unique and personal musical journey that is bound to make you move and appreciate more French music.

Wednesday 10th July
From 11.00am to 4.00pm 

Friday 12th July
From 12.00pm to 2.00pm


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