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Puppet & Clown Show: There Is No Seed In Chocolate

Charing Cross

Event Overview

Cyrille is a puppeteer, who will be performing a show which is tender and poetic. However, there is a problem… Martine!

Martine is professional clown and occasional stage director, who has been designated to accompany Cyrille during this performance. There is a total disagreement between the two of them, and it becomes increasingly difficult for Cyrille to showcase the magic of his old-fashion strings puppets.
Infuriated, the puppeteer will have to try all kinds of shenanigans in order to get rid of this frustrating stage director. But in the end the audience realize, that a simple piece of chocolate may be just the thing that will reconcile them ...

Come and enjoy this very sweet 40 minute show!


Saturday 13th July
From 1pm to 1.40pm
For all family

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