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The small charity, AJC381, was formed in 2011 by cardiac patients, for the benefit of cardiac patients in Jersey.

The Group is largely responsible in providing and giving advice for the supply & position of the many defibrillators found all round the Island, both for the general public’s use and c/o private enterprise; we hold weekly cardiac exercise classes for those who have already completed their mandatory exercise rehabilitation after a heart event, procedure or surgery; we are in close contact with the Hospital’s cardiac team and consultants; we support the employment of one of the specialised nurses there; we help if a piece of specialised hospital equipment is needed; we aim to help any patient identified by the hospital team at a time of emergency; we have collecting tins around the Island and accept donations.  ALL THE MONIES REMAIN IN JERSEY.We hope to educate the general public in how to perform CPR and how to use a defibrillator at our coffee mornings, where we also fund-raise.”


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