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Observations of Time: The Armistice Watch

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Observations of Time: The Armistice Watch - talk by Mike Etienne

The Armistice Watch is loosely based on the wristwatches of the First World War, which gained

popularity as being easier to read that a pocket watch.

Its aims are to commemorate the 100 Years since the signing of the Armistice in the Glade of the

Armistice, Compègne, France, and the Ceasefire that effectively ended the atrocities of the War.

The hope is to evoke Remembrance, Reflection, Respect, Reaction, Reviewing and Response.

The Armistice Watch is to be displayed in the Armistice Carriage at the Mémorial de l’Armistice in

Compiègne, France as a lasting tribute to the fallen of Jersey and all those others whose sacrifice

paved the way for the lifestyle we enjoy today.

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