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Interviews With a Serial Killer

Jersey Opera House

Event Overview

We’re proud to present Paul Harrison, one of the first British policemen to work closely with the FBI Behavioural Science Unit in Quantico, Virginia, who has interviewed over 70 of the world’s worst serial killers and mass murderers to gain insight into their psyche.

Join Paul to hear some of the more controversial conversations he has had with Britain’s and the World’s most terrifying killers. Hear why the Yorkshire Ripper was “scared” of him. Learn what drove Robert Maudsley, the UK’s real life Hannibal Lechter, to kill, and why he’s kept in an ‘all glass’ cell. The Amytiville Murders; what Ronald DeFeo said to be fearful of, when Paul spent the night at the house of horror.


This is a truly eye-opening and entertaining talk, that covers twelve stories and interviews.

Accompanied by a visual presentation, covering the history of the individual crimes, and the killers story in their own words. Sad, frightening, and at times, funny, hear how serial killers perceive themselves, their victims, and their actions.


Paul is regarded as an expert on serial killer profiling. As a consultant on the subject, he regularly works with authors, as well as film and television production companies.


He himself is author of 34 books, mainly true crime. Paul has recently had published his first crime fiction novel, “Revenge of The Malakim”, book one of the Grooming Parlour trilogy.


“Walking with the Dead” gives a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the dark reality of the mind of a serial killer.

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