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Pablo Escobar – The Real Story

Jersey Opera House

Event Overview

We’re delighted to present Shaun Attwood for his first visit to Jersey.

After 3 Seasons of the cult series on Netflix ”

Narcos“, Shaun Attwood – an author, activist and public speaker – will be presenting the mind-blowing true story of Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel, beyond their portrayal on Netflix

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was a devoted family man and a psychopathic killer; a terrible enemy, yet a wonderful friend. While donating millions to the poor, he bombed and tortured his enemies – some had their eyeballs removed with hot spoons. Through ruthless cunning and America’s insatiable appetite for cocaine, he became a multi-billionaire, who lived in a $100-million house with its own zoo.

Shaun’s own story of rave parties and Ecstasy distribution, saw him go from stockbroker to a US drugs lord, was featured worldwide on 

National Geographic Channel, as an episode of Banged Up/Locked Up Abroad, which was broadcast to tens of millions of viewers in over 40 countries.

Smuggled out of the jail and posted online as a blog,

Jon’s Jail Journal Blogspot, Shaun’s writing attracted international media attention to the human rights violations. Shaun is now a best-selling author of five true-crime books.

Shaun spent the last several years writing a War on Drugs trilogy. The first instalment, ”

Pablo Escobar: Beyond Narcos” has stormed the Amazon charts and become an immediate bestseller. It demolishes the standard good versus evil telling of Pablo’s story. The authorities were not hunting Pablo down to stop his cocaine business. They were taking it over.

About our Speaker:
Shaun Attwood is a former stock-market millionaire and Ecstasy distributer turned public speaker, author and activist, who is banned from America for life. Shaun now tells his story to schools to put young people off drugs and crime.

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