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Celebrating Colour - An Exhibition in Glass by Clare Morvan

The Harbour Gallery

Event Overview

This exhibition by Clare Morvan focuses on her glass work. Clare loves colour - especially translucent layers of colour and the way it reflects light. There is no better medium than glass for displaying the intensity of colour and how it transmits light. 

Clare Morvan learnt how to fuse glass at Highlands College mainly under the tutelage of Marc McCarty. She admits she continually pestered Marc with more and more questions which he very patiently answered. This allowed her to experiment and develop her own personal style of fusing glass. 

The glass bowls in this exhibition consist of three main ranges: large and medium sized square bowls and circular coral bowls. Each bowl takes at least two days to make in her home studio. Many of the pieces have the feel of summer on the beach. They convey the light heartedness and fun of sun, sea and sand. As all of the pieces were made over the winter months,  some cooler pieces have inevitably crept in which form an interesting contrast. Whether using glass or paint, Clare finds that her art keeps returning to the sea and coast. This is unsurprising as she was born and raised in Jersey. 

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